Wallas Kogeapparat 88DU Diesel
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Wallas Kogeapparat 88DU Diesel
Wallas 88 DU
Skitse Wallas 88DU

Wallas Kogeapparat 88DU Diesel

The Wallas 88 DU is a special flat-design marine diesel stove. A facet-ground ceramic top is all you see when the stove is installed - a state of the art in marine cooking systems.

Unlike the hazardous propane systems, it uses diesel in its task as a responsive high temperature stove that will give years of service.

The Wallas diesel stove draws combustion air from inside the cabin and carries exhaust outside the cabin. This feature forces fresh air into the cabin area, drying the vessel interior and reducing the effects of mildew.

A red indication LED in the ceramic glass top warns if the stove is hot.


Fuel: Diesel
Power: 900-1900 W / 3000-6500 BTU
Operating voltage: 12 V
Fuel consumption: 0.09-0.19 l/h / 3-6.4 oz/hr
Electricity consumption: 0.9 A


Anvend eventuelt Wallas tilbehørshjælper som guider dig gennem hvilket tilbehør du skal bruge afhængig af din installation. Efterfølgende kan du vælge at sende det hele til os så vi kan give dig en samlet pris. Find Wallas Accessory Helper i højre side.