Wallas Space Heater 40CC uden front
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Wallas Space Heater 40CC uden front

Wallas Space Heater 40CC uden front

The Wallas 40CC heater is ideal for heating a space of approx. 60-90 m2. The temperature range is from 1600 to 4000 W, and the temperature can be adjusted by using an automatic inbuilt room thermostat.

Thanks to the laminar burn process, the heater is environmentally very friendly and silent in operation.

With the average consumption (2.8 dl/hour) of Wallas 40 CC, a 30 liter fuel tank will heat your cottage for almost 5 days.
At the same time the power consumption (0.3 amps/hour) is only approx. 43 amps.

Fuel: Light heating oil, Diesel, Paraffin (Petroleum)
Power: 1600-4000W
Operating voltage: Voltage 12 V (battery) or 230V (mains adaptor)
Fuel consumption: 0.16-0.4l/h 3.9-9.6l/24h
Electricity consumption: 0.2-0.4A = 4.8-9.6A h/24h
Temperature control: Automatic thermostat (manual adjustment also possible)
Activation: Manual, 1-week timer switch or cell phone (SMS message)
Dimensions: 730x440x240mm
Weight: 25kg
Recommended room area: 60-90m2


Wallas 40CC