Digiboat Software On Board
DKK 495,00
Digiboat Software On Board

Digiboat Software On Board


CD-rom version af Digiboat Software On Board

  • Real-time tracking of ship's position and velocity directly on the chart
  • Easy chart panning, zooming and level changing
    Designed for Touch-Screen use (additional functionality for mouse users)

  • Compatible with all NMEA navigation instruments (directly with 0183 instruments, via Actisense converter for NMEA2000 instruments)
  • Most number of NMEA sentences, AIS message types and DSC messages and GRIB Data-types decoded of any Navigation Software
  • Print the displayed chart to any Windows™ printing device
  • User selectable Data Folders location
  • Simple "Drag-and-Drop" support for most of SOB's file types
  • Super-size mode for clear viewing from a distance (ship's symbol, PastTracks, targets etc)
  • Grey/Red/Black Night mode settings + 10 settings for chart shading
  • Keep Ship's Target auto-centred on display (don't allow Ship's Target to "sail" off the display)
  • Two-clicks to manually re-position the Ship's Target
  • Dozens of Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Zoom to a Window (create a sizeable "zoom-window" with a middle-mouse button drag)
  • Look-ahead lines for either, both or none of, ship's heading* and course-over-ground
  • Drawn to-scale ship's symbol
  • Flexible Lat/Lng input (use DD.ddd, or DD° or DD°MM'SS">
  • GPS Satellite acquisition display
  • Synchronise internal PC clock to GPS time
  • Alarms for many conditions

Standard versionen

Common Tools


    • One-touch range and bearing lines (RBL) allow up to 5 extensions
    • Dead-reckoning mode
    • Voyage replay function
    • Full NMEA logging, for voyage logfiles or voyage replay
    • Waypoints

    • Easy creation of waypoint by mouse-clicking or direct entry of lat/lng values
    • Fully configurable waypoint appearance (size, icon, colour, label etc)
    • Enhanced Waypoint file management
    • Reposition a waypoint with the mouse
    • Unlimited Waypoints (limited only by RAM and hard disk size)
    • Anchor Zone and Arrival Zone Alarms
    • Load/Unload and Manage SOB Waypoint files. (".wpt")
    • Import ".TXT" or ".CSV" or ".XML" or ".GPX" files
    • Export Wpts files to text and XML files
    • Capture Wpts sent from the GPS to a .WPT file
    • Send SOB Wpts (individual, multiple, or entire SOB ".wpt" file to GPS memory)
    • Upload/Download Waypoints to the C-MAP User Card via the USB Card Reader
    • Nominate individual or groups of Waypoints to be automatically loaded when SOB starts
    • Convert waypoint list to route
    • PastTrack and Logfiles

    • Selectively display or hide the Ship’s past track
    • Clear track, reload any past track, auto-reload last track
    • Colour past track by depth, boat speed, or wind speed
    • Optionally display True-Wind vectors for each track point
    • Convert PastTracks to Routes
    • Automatic Logfile of PastTrack for importing into Excel etc
    • Select logfile size (daily, or by hours)
    • Advanced PastTrack reload filtering options