Eurol Shampoo Wash & Shine 5 ltr.
DKK 295,00
Eurol Shampoo Wash & Shine 5 ltr.

Eurol Shampoo Wash & Shine 5 ltr.


Eurol Wash & Shine is a highly concentrated, synthetic shampoo.

It is safe to use on lacquer, rubber, plastic and chrome of cars, motorcycles and boats.

Eurol Wash & Shine is excellent for hand applied applications, as well as for car wash and high pressure cleaners.

Due to the strong cleaning capability, even very dirty surfaces get a beautiful shine with Eurol Wash & Shine, without the need for a chamois after-treatment.

Eurol Wash & Shine is economical in use, the mixing ratio is between 1:50 and 1:100, depending on the degree of pollution.

Rinse with water, cleaned surfaces should not dry in bright sunlight.


Health - and safety aspects:

Not classified as hazardous substance, non-explosive, non-flammable.

In the event of fire, no harmful decomposition products or vapours will be formed.


Store above 0°C.