McLube OneDrop 15 ml.
DKK 179,00
McLube OneDrop 15 ml.

McLube OneDrop 15 ml.

OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner: Marine Ball Bearing Conditioner and Lubricant for Anything That Rolls On Your Boat!

OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner and Lubricant is designed to be used on traveler cars and other ball bearing applications to improve performance by reducing rolling friction. OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner is the only product that Harken recommends for use on ball bearing travelers and battcars.


  • Allows ball bearings to roll freely and evenly.
  • Eliminates skidding and sliding of the balls.
  • Conditions and lubricates the surface of the balls.
  • Maintains a clean, smooth ball bearing surface, free from dirt, sand, salt, and grime.
  • Packaged in a unique pinpoint dispenser for clean and easy application.