Eurol EP 2/3 Marine Fedt 400 gr.
DKK 59,00
Eurol EP 2/3 Marine Fedt 400 gr.

Eurol EP 2/3 Marine Fedt 400 gr.


For stern tubes and other greasing points on board ships

Eurol Marine Grease is a grease, formulated from high performance refined base oils with a high viscosity. It has been developed for applications where greasing points are exposed to water. This grease surpasses the water repellent properties of calcium thickened greases and has the excellent mechanical stability of a lithium based grease.

Eurol Marine Grease offers a good corrosion protection, excellent EP properties and a good resistance against oxidation. This grease has a good pumpability in grease pumps and will not affect rubber parts. It surpasses traditional calcium based greases with regard to the temperature range.

Of course, Eurol Marine Grease has excellent water repellent properties for both fresh, as well as for salt water. Because of this, it is suitable for all greasing points on board ships and for plain, roller and ball bearings as well.