Eurol FCW Outboard 10W40 - 1 ltr.
DKK 85,00
Eurol FCW Outboard 10W40 - 1 ltr.

Eurol FCW Outboard 10W40 - 1 ltr.


Eurol Nautic Line FCW is a motor oil that ensures an optimal lubrication and protection of 4 stroke outboard motors.

Eurol Nautic Line FCW fulfils the NMMA FCW requirements, such as protection against rust and corrosion through contact with (salt) water, a limited decrease in viscosity after long-term use and an excellent protection against wear and sedimentation, especially in case of fuel dilution*.

*Fuel dilution can happen in outboard motors, when the motor runs for an extended time in neutral, and unburnt fuel leaks into the crankcase.

Eurol Nautic Line FCW contains special additives that limit wear to a minimum both at low and high speeds.

Thanks to special additives, Eurol Nautic Line FCW will keep providing its high performance level even after the oil change term has passed. However, it is always best to ensure timely oil changes.