Eurol Kølervæske Blå 1 ltr.
DKK 49,00
Eurol Kølervæske Blå 1 ltr.

Eurol Kølervæske Blå 1 ltr.

Almindelig koncentreret kølervæske som blandes med vand

50% kølervæske + 50% vand
= ned til -36°C beskyttelse

40% kølervæske + 60% vand
= ned til -26°C beskyttelse

Glykol - Meets BS 6580 standard and is suitable for open and closed cooling systems

Eurol Antifreeze is recommended for all cooling systems of combustion engines (both LPG, gasoline and diesel) and other heat transfer systems like central heating installations. It is a homogeneous, stable product, based on mono-ethylene-glycol and formulated according to European car manufacturers instructions.

Eurol Antifreeze contains additives, protecting against corrosion and foam-building. Due to the high reserve alkalinity, the cooling system has a long-term protection against corrosion.

Eurol Antifreeze offers the best protection when applied in a concentration of 25 up to 50 vol.%. Concentrations above 65% should be avoided because of a decreasing frost protection.

Eurol Antifreeze is completely safe for rubbers, plastics, metals, aluminum and alloys. The product is free of nitrites, amines and phosphate.