Eurol Motorolie 15W50 - 5 ltr.
DKK 275,00
Eurol Motorolie 15W50 - 5 ltr.

Eurol Motorolie 15W50 - 5 ltr.


Synthetic motor oil universally usable for ship motors

Eurol Nautic Line HPS is a synthetic motor oil which is universally usable in petrol and diesel motors (in boat motors). This oil ensures a problem-free start, even in low temperatures and provides an excellent lubricating film at high temperatures.

Eurol Nautic Line HPS ensures, due to the additive package employed, a trouble-free operation of the motor, even in very moist and salty environments. Thanks to the unique composition, the losses due to evaporation are small.

Eurol Nautic Line HPS has excellent anti-wear, anti-foaming and anti-corrosion properties. With its detergent and dispersant properties, this oil ensure a clean and reliable motor.

Due to its resistance to high temperatures and oxidation, Eurol Nautic Line HPS will conserve its quality without thickening.