Friend Selvstyrer - Long
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Friend Selvstyrer - Long
Friend Selvstyrer - Long
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Model C - Kroget / Sort

Friend Selvstyrer - Long


750 - 1043 mm.

Unik rorpindsforlænger der fungerer perfekt som den manuelle "autopilot" når du går op i vinden og lige skal have hænderne fri - du vrider lige engang i håndtaget og kan så dreje rorpinden og når du slipper holder den rorpinden fast i positionen. Inkl. 2x kroge, holder/clip og skruer/bolte til montering.


  • Small - længde: 585 - 821 mm.
  • Standard - længde: 642 - 935 mm.
  • Long - længde: 750 - 1043 mm.


  • Model A - Rundt
  • Model B - Lige
  • Model C - Kroget


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  • Blå
  • Sort



FRIEND is a stick that can be lengthened very easily and with precision.

Moreover, it is a brand new accessory in that it allows you to adjust and block the direction of the tiller to the angle you require.

Once you have blocked the stick grip, all you have to do is rotate the stick on itself to change the angle of the tiller.

No button pushing required: when you let go the stick it is automatically blocked into the new position.

It is easy to deactivate the function of FRIEND and go back to sailing in the traditional way.

All you have to do is lift the stick grip out of the hook. Once the stick grip has been feed from the hook, for safety purposes, automatically aligns itself with the surface it is attached to.

Friend has the same function as the manual knob in blocking the steering wheel. It is simple to mount too.

Here are some of its advantages:

It allows you to leave the tiller while sailing so that you can adjust the position of the sails, take the reefs and sail alone. In general our stick enables you to do all kinds of manoeuvres single-handed or it lets you simply relax as you sail with both your hands free.

While mooring you do not have to lash the tiller.

Friend, in the traditional use, has a telescopic movement by simply rotating on its own grip: in any case it isn't necessary to push any button. The lenght of the stick is blocked mechanically: it's safe and reliable.