Interphase Advantage Ekkolod
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Interphase Advantage Ekkolod
Interphase Advantage

Interphase Advantage Ekkolod


NORMALPRIS - KR. 4.000,-
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Fishfinder med hæktransducer

Adjustable High Power Dual Frequency Depth Sounder

The Interphase Advantage Shown with a split screen dual frequency view of the bottom at 924 feet, narrow beam 200 kHz view on the right angle and wide angle 50 kHz view on the left
The feature-packed Advantage offers you the advantages of two fish finders in one compact unit. Capable of reaching depths to 2,000 feet, it's the world's most powerful and advanced dual-frequency LCD fish finder.

Operating at 200 kHz and 50 kHz the Advantage displays full screen or split screen views of the area beneath your boat. In the 200 kHz view, you get maximum bottom detail with the ability to pinpoint targets directly beneath the boat. The wide angle 50 kHz view lets you search broad areas and deeper waters for fish and structure. It's ideal for down-rigger trolling, too. The narrow 200 kHz beam lets you clearly read the finer details of the underwater world, especially in shallow water. With the Advantage you get dual frequency capability with the advantage of adjustable output power!

With an amazing 8,000 watts of peak- to-peak power (1,000 watts rms.), the Advantage has the punch you need to reach far below the surface. Using only a single transducer, the Interphase Advantage includes many advanced features to make your fishing more productive. Fully automatic, the Advantage features include two range-independent NMEA Track-Plotters, 4X Over Sample Zoom, Zoom Bottom Tracking, a Split Screen Large Digit Data mode and many other professional features.

Ease of Operation
The Advantage offers numerous split screen modes easily accessed with only five buttons. The product is truly intuitive and user friendly. Any adjustment on screen can be modified simply by using the large Beam dial.

Choice of Views

Advantage viewing can be in a traditional bottom chart mode, or a combination of both frequencies on screen. Views can be quickly changed for track plotting and data mode, as well as split screens. All screens are updated with multi-tasking software. There is no troublesome waiting for a refreshed screen.

Split Screens
The Advantage split screen feature offers a convenient navigational view (NMEA 0183 ready) with bottom chart mode or data mode with bottom chart. Also offered is a split screen with both frequencies viewed or a bottom zoom (4x over sampling) and bottom tracking feature with either frequency.

Like all of today's Interphase products, the Advantage is built by hand in the USA, each unit is bench tested for a minimum of 12 hours, and guaranteed waterproof.
A unique fish finder, the Advantage offers 1,000 watt fully adjustable power in a dual frequency LCD depth sounder. The Advantage is packed with valuable depth sounder features and is Loran C/GPS ready for track plotting in addition to its unique solid state circuitry.
The Interphase Label
Interphase's commitment to state of the art technology, quality, reliability, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Transom-Mount Transducer Included.