Eurol Kølervæske Rød 5 ltr.
DKK 139,00
Eurol Kølervæske Rød 5 ltr.

Eurol Kølervæske Rød 5 ltr.


Glykol Rød - Silicate-free, long-life coolant TL-VW 774 F (G12+)

Eurol Coolant GLX has especially been developed for the new generation cooling systems of modern car engines.

Eurol Coolant GLX, based on ethylene-glycol, has been approved by Volkswagen (TL 774 D) and meets the Renault D standard.

Eurol Coolant GLX prevents scale forming and offers excellent protection against cavitation. Moreover, it protects all metals against corrosion, particularly aluminum and alloy irons, even at high temperatures.

Eurol Coolant GLX protects against freezing up to -26°C resp. -36°C and contains environment-friendly additives (carboxyl-acids). This technology is known under the name OAT (Organic-Acid-Technology).

Eurol Coolant GLX is to be used undiluted, so never top-up with pure water. Life-time of the product is 5 years or 650.000 km. for trucks or 250.000 km. for passenger cars and boats, depending on which situation occurs first.

Eurol Coolant GLX is nitrite, amine, borate, phosphate, nitrate and silicate free. The product is compatible with traditional coolants of traditional quality.