Eurol PTFE Super Lube Spray 400 ml.
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Eurol PTFE Super Lube Spray 400 ml.

Eurol PTFE Super Lube Spray 400 ml.


Eurol PTFE Spray is high quality lubricant

Based on PTFE and is proper for the lubrication of metal and plastic parts. The product nebulizesas a lubricant with penetration properties en solidfies at a later stage als a grease.

Eurol PTFE Spray is specially developed for the lubrication of parts that are long-term exposed to high load. The PTFE offers a long-term protection against friction and prevents wear.

Eurol PTFE Spray can be used in many applications where contact between plastics/rubbers with metal needs to be lubricated. Applications suchs as machines, pulleys, chains, derailleurs, roller bearings and conveyors.

Eurol PTFE Spray must be shaked well before use. The to be treatend object must be cleaned, degreased and dryed before use. Spray at approx. 20-25 cm from the object. To achieve best results, Eurol PTFE Spray should be applied when the to be treated objects are in motion, if possible.

Use Eurol PTFE Spray only in well ventilated areas. In case of eye contact immediately rinse eyes with plenty of water.

Eurol PTFE Spray has a shelf life of 3 years in an unopened container in a cool and dry place with a temperature range between +5°C and +25°C.

  • Lubricates.
  • Prevents wear.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Water repellent.
  • Silicon free.
  • For inside and outside use.